phenomenon that occurs when masterbating without visual aids(i.e. porn, dirty photos, etc.) but to the thought of familiar girls. a mental run-through of various girls until deciding on a "closer" to get-er-done.
I had a good highlight reel last night but I couldn't commit on a closer.
by THe dude December 5, 2004
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A 30 to 45 second mash up of brief clips (flashbacks) from the best parts of the night before, usually a side effect of afterglow
(After 30 seconds of staring into space)

Person A: Zoning again man?

Person B: Yeah, I was just watching the highlight reel from last night. That babe had an excellent rack.

Person A: Nice. I keep seeing the bar fight from earlier.
by Room 137 August 5, 2010
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When someone is quick to have something to show (like pictures) for their peaks (the scuba diving trip, the yacht party, the rock climbing trip, the sky diving, the base jumping, the time they were on the jet skis, the skiing trip, and so on) to counter what they are usually like when not doing these "active" things (what they were like back in school before they had money, and who they still are deep down when nobody was watching their highlight reels).
A few people that knew him/her well could see right through his/her numerous highlight reels of adventure and daring, andhow he/she had benefitted from showing them to people to forge a path to success, a career ladder to step on/walk all over others.
by The Original Agahnim December 16, 2021
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Something many, if not most people would look at/watch and say damn that's living, I buy that without questioning what the person is really like when not making a show out of their life.
He/she always liked having something to show for everything that he/she did so that he/she could show highlight reels of himself/herself on a movie projector while all of his/her friends ate popcorn and got jealous of him/her because they didn't question the person or the intentions of the person behind the highlight reel.
by The Original Agahnim December 16, 2021
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Somebody that wants to be known and respected as the prosperous giant slayer and will claim to be the underdog in any situation until he/she defeats the giant (and therefore wants to benefit from a perceived disadvantage, but doesn't want to be at an actual disadvantage, and doesn't want to actually be or look weak).
The one that deemed himself/herself David showed everybody highlight reels of himself/herself beheading the giant but hid the reels of himself/herself being defeated after bullying someone else.
by The Original Agahnim December 22, 2021
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