The act of smoking marijuana and then proceeding to have intense sex. For many people it is possibly the best sex they can experience. If you get high enough, the female might actually reach their elusive "orgasm"
Man we had the best high sex last night, she's definetly coming back for more
by Hyyerr February 17, 2012
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I have a high sex drive💯
by 🖤💜 July 18, 2022
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high school sex - everyone wants to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, no one else is really doing it, and the few that are don't do it well.
Worse than viagraless sex is high school sex...
by Cecilia October 1, 2004
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high-five sex: is sex followed by the girl giving her partner a high-five. This type of sex only occurs with certain women and is a sign that they are a keeper
so man do you know if your girlfriend is the one?
yes we had high-five sex.
by BobHopeLives February 17, 2011
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Akward, bad sex. Traditionally only occured in high school but has now taken over the world of the 20 somthing. Its terribly scary.
Cindy: How was Adam.
Meg: He jackrabbited me!
Cindy: Oh no! Not high school sex!!!!

by smoothy-o January 16, 2005
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Rather awkward, sometimes somewhat painful sex. Adults like to make it seem like it happens less often than it really does... but in truth, lots of kids do it. It can be really fun if done with the right person for the right reason. REALLY fun. However, if attempted with the wrong person(s) or for the wrong reason... it is most likely to prove disappointing. In general, good training for the sex of later years.
My high school sex experiences were great because I was really in love with the person I did it with.

I only had sex in high school because it seemed like everyone else was, and it sucked.
by Lita February 27, 2005
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