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a natural born asshole; someone who's really gifted in making himself look like an ass; a person who's self image is higly overrated
"Man, stop actin' a foo', you makin' a Tavares out of yaself."
by Lita March 21, 2004
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What they call balogna, or baloney, in Pittsburgh. It's only true in Pittsburgh. I don't know why.
Cut me a slice off that jumbo.
by Lita August 17, 2004
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A way of admitting a mistake, and apologizing for that mistake, without actually apologizing. The best definition I ever read of this, now paraphrased:

"I did something bad, and I recognize that I did something bad, but there is nothing that can be done for it now, and there is technically no reason to apologize for that error, so let's just assume that I won't do it again, get over it, and move on with our lives."

Ruder than apologizing, but with the same meaning: a flippant apology.
"You just spilled your beer on my term paper!!"
"Er... my bad."
by Lita August 17, 2004
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Pittsburghese. A smashed-up version of "Did you eat yet?" Would not be notable other than for the fact that I've actually seen this phrase, written just this way, in local restaraunt advertisements surrounding Pittsburgh.

See also jeet
"Jeet Jet?"
"...What? Say that slower."
by Lita August 17, 2004
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Rather awkward, sometimes somewhat painful sex. Adults like to make it seem like it happens less often than it really does... but in truth, lots of kids do it. It can be really fun if done with the right person for the right reason. REALLY fun. However, if attempted with the wrong person(s) or for the wrong reason... it is most likely to prove disappointing. In general, good training for the sex of later years.
My high school sex experiences were great because I was really in love with the person I did it with.

I only had sex in high school because it seemed like everyone else was, and it sucked.
by Lita February 27, 2005
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Additional power which is added beyond what has already been added. Can be said multiple times for multiple effect. Closest synonym is "more oomph."

From the video game "Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem," where all one has to do to juice up the power of a spell is recite the word Pargon repeatedly until the effect is larger.
This old computer is running too damn slow; I need to get some pargon for it.
by Lita August 17, 2004
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somethin' u say wen u realize that tha person ur talkin' 2 is a complete dumbass; somethin' u say to let every1 kno ur ticked; synonym of nevermind.
A:"So sup, ma?"
B:"Buzz off fucknut!"
A:"Yo, ma...."
by Lita March 21, 2004
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