You have probably heard of it that Tom Hiddleston got body shamed... it's so sad :(
So we decided to make a special "Tom Hiddleston Day" at June 11th and thank him for the great 20 years of acting.
Everything we can do it's SUPPORT TOM even more than we do.
Today it's Tom Hiddleston Day!
by Support Tom Hiddleston! April 18, 2021
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An actor that is so humble and loves each and every character he plays. Wise and educated with everything anyone throws at him.

Most people know him for Loki, the God of mischief, who he plays with care and executes the character with no crumbs left to see.
Person 1: have you heard of Tom Hiddleston?
Person 2: yeah, I have; the sweetest man alive.
by Mcuenthusiast July 17, 2021
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