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High Five, or Hi 5. Smacking hands with a friend "high inh the air". Or, HI V, meaning HIV postive.
"Hey man, give me a high Five". Don't fuck her, she is HI V.
by ilikeitwetpls December 19, 2004
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having of or pertaining to the HIV virus.
Dood that guy is so gay I bet he's got the high-five!
by WiseΓ„ss[BnTY] March 27, 2003
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Any combination of drugs, caffeine, sugar, or pure will that gives you that SWEET HIGH that fabled high that one can only dream of. That HIGH that takes the reigns and guides you through the work week and leaves you feeling good!!! (weekends optional)
Generic Bro Dude: Righteous!! I'm feeling it!!" Weekend here I come!!
Taff: What's with Generic Bro Dude?
Random Plate: He's experiencing a Hi Five and apparently is living for the weekend....
by Rolling Saucer March 03, 2014
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HIV ... HI + the numeral sign for 5 is V.... HI-V
"she gave him a high 5" she gave him hiV
by niiiggggga October 18, 2003
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Slang for Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as the V is the roman numeral for 'five'.
Look out for that hooker man, she'll give you the Hi-five.
by albinorineo October 16, 2010
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two men standing adjacent one another hi five while a woman gives one a blow job and the other pounds her vag
bill and roger had a great hi five last night
by derdile December 23, 2010
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