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The act of refusing to do one's business at a public restroom until it is completely vacant. This often leads to a standoff when there are two parties who are trying to be modest.
I had just gotten situated on the can when someone ran into the stall beside me. A Stall Standoff was made for 10 minutes until I just couldn't hold it anymore.
by albinorineo March 07, 2012

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Slang for Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), as the V is the roman numeral for 'five'.
Look out for that hooker man, she'll give you the Hi-five.
by albinorineo October 16, 2010

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When your bedroom lacks any type of device for locking the door, forcing you to push your bed up against the door to secure it.
My parents removed the locks from my door so they could come in as they please; forcing me to resort to bed bolting my door.
by albinorineo February 18, 2013

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When a person thinks they have a doctorate in a subject because they've seen it on TV or in a movie.
Bill:"Did you know the moon is the size of a quarter?"

Ted:"What are you talking about?"

Bill: "Yeah, I saw it on a documentary on conspiracy theories last night."

Ted:"Oh, you think you've got a Visual PHD..."
by albinorineo August 09, 2010

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