If the best thing you can do right now is surch up "hi" in the urban dictionary then you need to go and make some friends
Hi you are lonly go make some friends
by Liam Shaer January 02, 2017
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"Hi" is a common term used by simpletons of the non-intelligent variety. This term is used to greet another human life form, but that person may not have a chance of being intelligent, if they truly choose to bond with such simple people.
The proper term for this disgusting English word, is "salutations".
Intellectual Who Particularly Enjoys Partaking In The Viewing Of A Motion Graphic Series Known As "Brick And Mortier": "Salutations, friendly intellectual!"
guy who was thought to be intelligent: "hi"
by sirdoyle February 28, 2018
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Brad is a fat twat that takes it up the arse from fin,daz and his own mum. He is also ugly. His belly is very big. He also has a shit trim. Brad is gay
Hi. Brad sucks cock and takes cock up the arse
by Brad is kkk October 12, 2018
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