A person who tries listen to everyone and tries to be nice to everyone even if you have had a bad relationship with him/her. A hexi is a nice person who would straight up tell you the truth no matter what. They are also very down to earth and knows what is going on.
“This person is so nice she must be a hexi.”
by I’m your handle April 16, 2020
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a combination of the words hex and sexy; used to describe someone who is attractive in part due to his/her edgy, sometimes gothic mystique. The term is preferable to sexy when describing someone with a striking or exotic appearance, as opposed to someone who is conventionally attractive.
Person 1: This kid is giving me a goth vibe, but he's still kind of sexy.

Person 2: Sexy shmexy--boy is hexy.
by Invidiosa March 08, 2019
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A "hexy" person is usually one who comes off as a rude but somehow sexy person, a sort of "out of your league" type of guy. However on the inside he's got the biggest heart out of anyone out there. Hexies are usually turned from generally nice people to mean ones from being pushed around by or taken advantage of by another person in their life. So in general, they are the misunderstood.
Hex: "Man, it's not MY fault that I'm so Hexy"
by TealTastic September 19, 2011
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a way of saying Hey Sexy all in one word
Jon- Hexy girrrl
Nicole- heyyy
by rehar October 04, 2007
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new sterotype.
forget scene and emo.
hexy is where its at.
jessyBELLE + katieCATFOOD are well HEXY! (;
by jessyBELLE September 19, 2007
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