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When somebody blushes so hard that their face turns a deep red. Based off a girl who has a medical condition that whenever somebody gets romanticly involved with her. Her face turns so red it looks like she's going to have a stroke.
She blushed so hard it was basicly a Kiku.
by theeggrollpimp August 30, 2010
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1. An exotic type of chrysanthemum found in the jungles of Marysville, Washington State.

2. A rock star known to have a vicious bark and a dangerous bite.

3. A person with pink hair.

Mr. Hotty-Mc-Hotty-Pants was all over the place yesterday. He was such a kiku - my gosh.
by |3un March 29, 2007
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Kiku is a sweet, but shy type of person. She is a cancer sign and gets embarrassed easily. She is known to be weird and funny to those close to her and is really nice once you get to know her. Kiku is a delicate flower in japan and like the flower, she is also very beatuful, not just on the outside, but on the inside too.
Kiku: H-hi...
Person: ello
Kiku: w-wanna be f-friends?
Person: i- oki qwq
by Ixchel qwq October 26, 2020
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