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A long haired heavy metal fan from the 80's.
Either you were a punk, a jock, a skater, a nerd or a heshen in high school.
by nelliedeleie March 20, 2014
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Scummy dudes, hanging out at skateparks, probably not wearing shirts, dating girls about half their age.

Often covered in bad homemade tattoos, and drinking large 64 ounce mountain dews.
Why is Jonah smoking weed with 13 year olds, and listening to shitty nu metal?

Because Jonah is a Heshen.
by certainlynotanthony September 03, 2012
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Massive sheet of woven material used to cover holes, such as car windows or in place of walls. Very cheap solution, and some use it for permenent shelter. The Jersen is a prime example.
The head's car window had to be replaced by heshen
by Pascal2 October 24, 2006
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Common misspelling of the word 'hessian' - a coarse woven material often used for making bags. Referred to as 'burlap' in the US.
I bought 10 kilograms of potatoes in a heshen (hessian) bag.
by Ballig February 12, 2009
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A soft, meshy material that has many uses. Many materials come under the word 'heshen' and collondo cannot spell jerson.
The O'Brians truck carries a load of heshen on his errands of broken lead-light windows.

The roarer's broken window was replaced with some quality heshen.

Jamildo's renovation was a slow job, but 100% Australian Quality Heshen patched up the back wall.

The grey jumper contains a small proportion of heshen.

The commonwealth games commity used a lot of blue heshen to patch up open spaces.
by Jersoni October 31, 2006
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