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The person who commits the crime of having herpes and passing it along without alerting their partner or any future partners.
"Dude, I bet that girl from the other night was a total herpetrator."

"Yea, good thing we let Dave sleep with her, now he's the one that needs to go get tested."
by SillyLikeAGoose December 09, 2009
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A person who herpetrates. One who has the STD known as herpes that passes along the virus to another. Or may be used to refer to the original source of the infection after several people have been infected. (e.g. The Original Herpetrator)
Morgan thinks the herpetrator that gave her and her boyfriend herpes is the guy he picked up from the gay dance club that night. Although Morgan's boyfriend swears he did nothing homosexual, the herpetrator, along with the spread of the virus, speak differently.

** In Maury Povich voice** "You ARE the herpetrator!" Male falls to the floor and woman runs away crying.

If Morgan, Chelsea, Alyssa, and Shantel all have herpes, then the origional herpetrator must be Robert!
by @amandabohbanda July 13, 2016
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The herpetrator is kind of like the terminator. He goes around trying to give everyone herpes. Also goes by the name herpanator. Trashy beast that goes around trying to give his disease to clean people.
by Cleanwithoutherpes January 25, 2008
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One who infects others with herpes.
"Damn, I got sores all over my party zone! Man, I knew I shouldn't have hooked up with Jerome last week--he looked kinda sketch, but it was dark and I was getting desperate. Shoulda known he'd be a herpetrator. Shit, girl, don't ever get into the backseat of a car if all four doors diff'rent colors."

"Strangers, acquaintances, best friends, family members...anyone can be a herpetrator. Use protection--only YOU can prevent genital herpes!"
by Estie January 07, 2007
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(n) the individual who has infected you with herpes simplex 2.
ex. "Dude that bitch is so crusty, she's definitely you're herpetrator."
by vault_of_heaven March 12, 2013
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A person who you think is your best friend that sleeps with the boy you like, giving him herpes so you can never have your way with him because your allergic to latex condoms. biggest herpetrator of all.
by mangos4life January 15, 2012
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