A place that always follows you.
In school: I'm here
At home: I'm here
In the street: I'm here
by mrtpitiesyou December 17, 2007
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Used when sombody is acting out of place or when someone mentions something that is not relevant to the situation.
*somebody doing the most* “here!”
by Yamumguey August 29, 2018
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Here is one of the most meaningful words ever. I’m here, present. Present like a gift on Christmas, no. Present like in the moment, in the presence of someone else, or multiple people. This does not mean that my presence isn’t a present. My presence is always a present to all. Being here is very important and special. Being here is like a gift. Hear*ing* is also a gift but not the same. Hear= ear, but here=present. Two questions some have of the word here is “am i really here?, do people want me to be here?”. I will answer those. Yes you are really here. Meaning you are here where you are. Are you here where you not, no. Do people want me to be here? To be honest, probably not. JUST KIDDING, of curse they want you to be here. If they don’t then they are not truly here, meaning being present but not a present. Is being here a honor? Yes, a great honor. Here brings life to all, (especially attendance ). Here can also be a definition, of ATTENDANCE. ATTENDANCE has many definitions, but here is definitely the main one. Let’s not get into ATTENDANCE though, lets go back to HERE! Here, ohhhhh how I love being here. Here has many cousins, did you know that? For example, there, etc. Why do i not list the other, because they are not important. There is here’s BEST FRIEND! There and here grew up together and did everything together! They were always there or here, together forever! Sorry, going back to the meaning. “HERE”, such a fine word. Isn’t it?
I’m right here!
by Beckayum October 21, 2020
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Something an idiot who means hear hear will type in chat rooms or social networking sites.
Idiot 1: "Uggs and Crocs are topped only by the inspired combo known as Cruggs"
Idiot 2: Here Here
by MBB33 February 16, 2010
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A phrase that expresses pleasure or support for something
Girl #1: Have you seen Jake's new haircut?
Girl #2: yes girl it looks bangin. I'm so here for it
by derpadil January 3, 2016
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Preceded by a street name, this is a popular tag for many chavs and other taggers to mark their teritory, is thought to originate from the 1994 movie The Shawshank Redemption, in which Brooks carves "BROOKS WAS HERE" on a rafter, before hanging himself from it.
variants: woz ere, woz ea
by Tyler Poxton July 5, 2008
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