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A individual that consumes too much Vodka and can surpass dying in the meantime.
Dude, you are pulling a Hendy right now.
by KSM aka AK47 March 31, 2009
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A hung, highly successful male. Usually shames other males by having a thigh slapper
I wish I was Hendy. I wish I was as good as Hendy!
by Pup11 October 23, 2018
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A phrase commonly used in Torquay, England. Derived from an individual who spent too much time in rude bar. If you are a 'Hendy' your the bottom of the barrell.
Pete: Its half 7 im going bed.
Rick: What are you gay or HENDY?
by jacklips4244 February 04, 2009
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noun: the act of neglect by someone who you were previously close with; specifically when said person you were close with ignores your birthday. (And I mean completely ignores as in the person does not send a text message or even a Facebook wall post). Often used in the phrase "pulling a hendy."
"So my Facebook wall was missing a particular birthday wish from a certain someone. It was totally a hendy move."
by Uh, Ty September 19, 2012
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