A powerful tool of decpetion. Christians have made up a place where people will be in eternal torture if they don't agree with them. For some reason, recently it has come to mean a place for bad people to go, but it never says that anywhere in the writings of hell. Horrible people who are good christians will go to heaven the same as the good people, and moral people of other religions will burn with the bad people.

I realize someone has already said this but i agree entirly.
this is the only true statment about HELL
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Hell is a town in Michigan. And it's really cold in Michigan. I should know, for I live there, in the lower pennisula. The lp is also where Hell is located. It's a lie if any one says Hell doesn't freeze over! And a snowball has a better chance in Hell then in a turned on oven. Remember that.
Person: I'll go out with you when Hell freezes over.
Me: Then I'll talk to you come December.
by lethalSelphie December 31, 2004
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Symbolic of the lower plane of consciousness

The torment of experiencing that which contradicts the truth
Hell is the Drama of the Soul in conflict with opposing desires. State of consciousness before the transition from the lower to the higher plane of perception.
by SirPsychoSexyPete October 15, 2009
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Where i'm not supposed to be but, face it, i am..
A: I've been waiting here for hours, WHERE ARE YOU??
B: Hell..
A: Didn't i tell you to get out??
B: I couldn't.. The Devil's here..
by g1b4uknw June 27, 2010
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down the windy road across the bridge. gaurded by an iron dragon. pass that a sign that says we inspire educate and empower. springdale job corps
the depths of hell
by sgt jordan February 01, 2010
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1. A place where evil reigns. 2. A place where deception is king. 3. A place where everything goes wrong. 4.Philadelphia.
by JoeNJ2 November 07, 2013
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