When a situationget so bad,so undescribable, and so fucked up all that's left to say is "Hell Fuck". (Usually used with an exclamation point !).
Shut the hell fuck up you fatass wigger bitch!
by purplepeopleeater August 18, 2007
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When you're too angry to say no or hell no, the building rage inside you comes out as "HELL FUCKING NO!"
Dad: Son, we're moving away from all of your best friends and hometown. I know we've lived here for 14 years and know everybody, but sorry. We're moving.

by MeGusta7 February 28, 2012
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My former drill sergeant's response to anything us lowly privates asked permission to do.
Private -- "Permission to utilize the latrine, drill sergeant?"

DS Calais -- "Hell fuck no, private!"
by Bella Ann November 25, 2006
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No Fucking Way is it possible or no fucking way is that person going to do that.
by HmoobBoi August 23, 2006
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interjection. 1. A commonly used phrase showing a negative reply, usually in response to a ridiculous question or request.
Guy 1: Hey, wanna lick my balls?

Guy 2: Hell fucking no!"
by FxBMac69 February 18, 2012
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Abbreviated as HFY occasionally, this phrase means "Yes," but in a way that is either expressing extreme excitement, Happiness, or agreement.
"Dude, wanna go to a concert with me tonight?"

"Hell Fucking Yes!"
by SopherGopher22 February 8, 2015
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