Heikki is the name of a strong person. A person who is kind and understanding. He is suportive towards his friends when they need someone to talk with. Heikki is a honest and kind towards his friends. He is creative and loves music, mostly genres like rock, metal etc. If you know a Heikki, you sure know a special person.
Person 1: Met Heikki?
Person 2: Yeah, nice guy
by dundredott February 14, 2015
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Heikki is the term used for someone who likes being the core of information, but doesn't let anyone know of this knowledge, storing it for later use when the opportunity rises to use it as a weapon or in a defensive way.
"in an arguement"

A: Let me tell you what i think of you bastard!
b: Be carefull now, i like to Heikki and have allready heared what you think of me, as do i know what everyone else thinks about you and say behind your back, as do i know what you tell behind everyone elses back. Stfu or i'll spill and you'll have lost friends and gained enemies. And stop talking about people's backs in the future, because you know i'll hear it sooner or later. F******* hypocrit
by Zankuro February 4, 2010
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A descriptive term for a sex act between two males where one sits on the other, being penetrated anally, whilst the topmost protagonist bounces up and down, swinging his penis in a motion reminiscent of the twirling blades of a helicopter.
A: Man, did you see that crazy video on the web?
B: Yeah, that's a Heikki Helicopter.
A: wtf lol.
by finnka April 8, 2009
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Heikki Paska lilluu paskassa ja selaa papereita paskat housussa
by teppo15734 September 17, 2021
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