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In Scandinavia, the word used to describe the area around the nipple. In many countries, 'nipple' describes the whole area but Scandinavians differentiate between the nipple and nipple yard.
"She took off her bra and she had a HUGE nipple yard"
by finnka August 09, 2015

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Rip: Slang term for a vagina
"Thanks for those pictures of your new girlfriend dude, she has an awesome rip!"
by finnka March 21, 2009

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A descriptive term for a sex act between two males where one sits on the other, being penetrated anally, whilst the topmost protagonist bounces up and down, swinging his penis in a motion reminiscent of the twirling blades of a helicopter.
A: Man, did you see that crazy video on the web?
B: Yeah, that's a Heikki Helicopter.
A: wtf lol.
by finnka April 08, 2009

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