a maniacal form of haha, used in scheming and after violent acts.
oh man, she totally just fell off a cliff!


we should totally get her crush to kill her, crush her emotionally.
by carlos! August 13, 2009
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A term widely used in Hong Kong(and somewhat in china) to refer to a homosexual relationship, literally he+he. Used often by fujoshi, talking about two handsome men who seem unusually close. Most of the time this is used as a joke due to discrimination against homosexuals in china, though in recent times the lgbt movement has rendered this less strong
Man 1: Is she reading a 'hehe' novel!?
Man 2: Shh! Don't get too close to her.
Fujoshi(thinking): Are those two men hehe?
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Boy- Hey, you're fat
Girl- What???
Boy- I'm just kidding.
Girl- Hehe.
by LREDBOY December 7, 2007
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What you say after a sarcastic, passive aggressive, or outright violent statement to make it seem like you're joking.
Kill yourself you trash hehe xd
by cannotbetamed July 5, 2021
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