it is a variation of laughter

usually a sneaky or creepy laugh
theif: oo man, i just stole gas from that fat guy
theif: hehe
theif: thats pretty funny

stalker: wooo, i can see her now
stalker: i just wanna touch myself looking at her
stalker: hehe
by andy the mexican candy March 17, 2008
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What you say when you annoy ur friends or just wanna end a conversation.
Thot: WTF why'd you send my nudes to everyone
Me: Hehe
by bob696969699696996 March 6, 2020
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the infamous micheal Jackson line, commonly used in his songs. When said your on your toes and your back snaps.
by Vscogurl1 September 2, 2019
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An alternative form of "lol" or "LMAO" to display a lesser sense of humour.
by future X March 23, 2003
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Hehe no I'm not meaning a cute tehe I mean an obnoxious HEH HEH do u understand I'm not trying to flirt when I say this I'm trying to laugh. DO U UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT R COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH
Person one:*Tells a joke
Person 2: Hehe
Person 1: r u trying to flirt
by Chimcken Queen June 5, 2021
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although it may seem like a cute way to laugh, if you say hehe it means you have no bitches.
nick: "hehe!"
me: "no bitches?"
by footfungusofficial May 14, 2022
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A somewhat irritating giggle. You may find "hehe" pop up in various conversations in texts and ims. Many girls say this because it's a step cuter from the original "haha".
Hannah: Omg! My boyfriend is going to take me out shopping tomorrow! Hehehehe!
Sarah: Wow... that's nice! Haha :)
Hannah: Hehehehehehehe!
by paperstars February 13, 2009
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