Last name of the dude who played Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite.
Go see this movie now.
by The All-Knower December 27, 2005
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A tall, handsome guys with a flawwless face. Many women will fall in love with him. One of a kind
You're such lucky because your face are so heder
by Itshe4er December 30, 2017
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Person: John Heder is so poprockin'
Other person: His name is Jon, dickweed
by the raconteurs May 24, 2006
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He's flippin' awesome!! Unknown to most people, hes the dude who played Napoleon Dynamite in one of the greatest movies of all time!!!!!!
HeCk YeS!!

A fRiCkIn' 12 GuAgE, wHaT dO yOu tHiNk?!?
by sKaTeBoArDiNgiSnOtAcRiMe!!! February 22, 2005
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The awesome actor who played Napoleon Dynamite. (and no, he did NOT die in a car crash, thank you very much!)
"Dude, that John Heder guy is flippin' sweet!"

by Random Jones August 27, 2005
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Sexiest Man Alive I love Jon Heder he is totally my boyfriend
I wish Jon Heder lived in Florida so I could stalk him
by La Fawnduh j/k *Brit April 11, 2005
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