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The name of the mysterious God from before time began. Legend says that this omnipotent entity still roams the earth, but has metamorphed himself into a nordic handsome guy. With heavenly blessed genetics this person is the most aesthetically pleasing thing your eyes will ever see. When you see Hebel in person, you will litterally begin to cry cause you are so overwelmed by his godly presence. When he enters a room, you will instantly feel a magic aura spreading to every corner. The very world around him transforms into a fairytale of hapiness and joy. His body resembles thoose of the greek gods, but you can sense an almost illusory touch of glory and wisdom running through his veins. When he stares deeply into your eyes, you will feel like the whole universe is in perfect synergy with the two of you. Nothing else matters in that moment. He does not only see your very soul, he embraces it and brings you on a journey through time and space. This mysterious god is also known for his hedonistic abilities therefore earning his ephitet: God of Sex. When having sex with Hebel, you will experience a paradigm shift. You have never imagined this intense feeling of pleasure running through your shaking body. You are litterally mindblown, it feels like you are being penetrated with an eternal force of joy and lust. Legend says, that when he makes you orgasm, you will feel so enlightened that if you were a buddhist you would be able to transcend directly into the mental state of Nirvana.
"Wow he is the most perfect guy I have ever seen. I am totally mindblown - who is he?" "With that level of godliness it can only be Hebel!"
by TheWiseHistorian November 12, 2014
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