The perfect type of music, that can release ur iner anger, and turn it itno good
Heavy Metal Rules
by JoJo December 31, 2003
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The best type a musik ever.Nuthing else is evan ne god at all.

Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,Poison,Motley Crue,Cinderella,Winger,Limp Bizkit,Mercyful Fate,Britny Fox,Pink Steel,Anal Cunt,Manowar,Gwar,Kiss,WASP,
Rob Halford.
by 80's muizc fan August 10, 2005
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Awesomeass music that destroys emo and pop and rap. what people listen to when thir pissed the fuck off and dont want hurt anybody. really insanly fast. the blast beat of behemoth in slaves shall serve goes 225 bpm. not shitknot not linkin gay not KoRn!!!!!!!!!!!
Poser-lets go listen to some slipknot!
Me-lets listen to some heavy metal!
poser-heavy what?
by schischa October 07, 2007
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take the skill of classical, the creativity of jazz, the feel of blues, the intensity of rock....multiply all of that by 100 and its metal
by deepness November 18, 2003
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A type of powerful rock music that is split into three types:

The bad. The US screaming crap that everyone judges it on. Idiot posers shouting and attacking their guitars. Sadly this rubbish is popular and gives eveyone a bad opinion of the genre. It sells itself on retarded image. eg Slipknot and System of a Down

The good stuff. Characterised by the best and most original lyrics in music, amazing guitar playing, some incredibly beautiful singing Tarja Turunen from Nightwish and some fo the most emotional songs ever Maiden's Paschendale. It is sold by the talent of all the members of the band most music is all about the singing.

The ugly. Weird stuff that isn't for everybody. Often with strange growling vocals not shouting. Eg Finntroll and the better songs of Cradle Of Filth
Person: Metal si all screaming and bad guitar playing
Me: *Plays Nightwish's Ghost Love Score*
Person: OMG that was so beautiful, my media brainwashed mind is now cleansed
by BW February 15, 2005
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One guy bangs out power chords on his tuned down guitar while the other who's an awesome lead player does a wicked awesome guitar solo while any old monkey bangs on the drums and a special kind of asshole screams the stupidest shit you've ever head in your life!

A typical metal singer sounds like this:

Picture puking your guts out in the toilet while being raped in the ass with a crowbar or two-by-four or some other painfully blunt instrument.
THAT my friends is heavy metal.
by OMG RAWR<LOL May 08, 2005
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basically now it is just whoever is left from the 80's tryin to make some $$$$ cuz they are a fizzle when it comes to life ( refer to fizzle for def.)
they suck they suck they suck they suck they suck
by spam gewd November 18, 2004
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