1. Commonly used to describe the gravitayional force (wieght) of an object.

2. A slang word for good/excellent/tense
1. Something weighing 10, 000lbs would be heavy.

2. That's a heavy game
by private February 05, 2004
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Also used in spain for "good" or "sick" like in english...
¡Mira a esa chica!
¡Buuuufff, que heavy tío!
by ZePequeno December 17, 2005
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when something is cool,appealing,hip, or amazing
Hey dude did you check out that band, they're so heavy man!
by Alex Ian November 08, 2007
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Stupidities that conflict with everyday life.
Example 1)
Pete: "Look at that homeless guy wearing a wool sweater, its July 18th!"

Matt: "No way! Where?! This guy's heavy."

Example 2)
Brick layer Mike: "Hey, pass me a cinder block on the plank."

Brick layer Joe: Non, my harm hurts from pelting da snow last night."

That's Heavy
by EnviroLawn July 19, 2011
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(noun) A specific type of shit. One that the earth's gravitational pull is exerting an unusual amount of force upon. A heavy, when shat, will make a very discernible low-pitched plop in the can.

synonyms: deuce, 9-ball
"Dude, I simply cannot finish eating this 12th can of baked beans until I go drop a heavy!"
by Samir Nagheenanajar August 23, 2006
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wow..shes heavy..and i dont mean good..i mean fat
by Gurpal May 24, 2004
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tough, tough, tough
Bam: "look at that noob he thinks he's all heavy and shit."


Bam: "i could take him."

Jake: "hokay there tough guy."
by straight ass teeth October 21, 2007
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