having more difficulties than you can manage
Calculus is very hard for you. You're in over your head.
by tsktskshit October 28, 2015
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when someone says something that might be a bit to intellegent for others to comprehend
billy:that movie really overpersonified the main chareter of the film as a hero.

johnny:um what does that mean ?

billy:I guess it's abit over your head.
by anthony keiser August 31, 2006
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This term is for when you do a favor for someone,then use that favor to to taunt or guilt them.You try to keep this status over them as long as possible until you can cash that mother fucker in on something good.The term comes from the wildly popular passtime of taunting small children,by holding something over their head just out of reach and making them crazy.
tony:I just fixed missy's car today.

mike:Really how much did you charge her?

tony:nothing,but I told her" I'll hold it over your head"

mike:did she get it?

tony:I think so,but if she didn't, I'll remind her that I fix her car the next time we're chillin and I need my cock sucked.
by TV CAR March 2, 2010
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A joke response when asked what should be done with an object, usually something fairly obvious
“Hey where do I hang my jacket?”

“Why don’t you wave it over your head and scream like a chicken”
by Mike Whittaked August 8, 2021
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