Someone who is quite simply better than everyone else. Has a reputation for having a massive cock and BEING FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT
Dayum that is one heavey right there

No I don't need my spouse's funding to function. I'm a heavey
by INSERTMEMEHERE January 19, 2011
A useless person who is unable to function without spouses funding.
That heavey is a proper larry
by Fiachra October 22, 2007
large breast that hang down not uncommon to for fat ladys to have em hanging down to thare belly button
jenifer has some heavy hanges
by Anonymous October 3, 2003
A distinct face type that displays square foreheads, defined brow bones , and huuuuuge heads. This face is usually very hard to get rid of genetically as many generations in the same family will have the same distinct look.
Vince Vaughn's heavey face is so pronounced that it makes George Lopez look like a pin-head.
by Vonnie3 April 28, 2016