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The male version of PMS. When a male is being really bitchy and/or having mood swings.
Carl: Hey Steve, how was your day today

Steve: Fucking bullshit, my boss made me fax 20 sheets and i spilled coffee on my new Italian shoes. Also, my co-workers are so damn chirpy and so annoying and the computer was being a bitch and i'm sick of all this Recession shit and (continues bitching and moaning)

Carl: You got a real case of He-MS going, don't you?

Steve: Fuck you
by KingRahul February 03, 2011
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to be caught up in and cant get loose
She had me all hemmed up in that stank house with aunt roberta.
by pam September 28, 2003
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When a guy is PMS-ing. When he is acting like a bitch.
Frank: Shut up Perry you don't know shit!
Perry: Dude chill-out, you're He-M.S-ing!
by Frankietown December 06, 2008
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A word used when you have nothing left to say in a conversation.
by EpicGhostShadow396 June 25, 2016
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A shortened version of "ahem".
Nice, Jimmy Rollins is, hem, up... the Phillies are, hem, sure to tie the game.
by Smocko September 18, 2004
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