a town where everyone thinks they are the shit. the town overall is decent..the people however are another story. with the exception of the white people everyone thinks their mad ghetto and hood wen the town really isnt..haverhill is not lawrence it is not boston...its haverhill...and the girls hate on other girls during the process of taking boys from other girls...also home of the girl fights it is highly probable to see small white grls kicking the shit out of people
shakala is hot shes from haverhill
by thug nigggga July 10, 2008
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A grotty market town in Suffolk. Haverhill, or Chaverhill, is home to repulsive zombies, chavs and various forms of mutated inbred.

See the various make out places listed below.
Behind the con-club in Haverhill.

On the bench outside the Co-Op
by A person probably August 26, 2006
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