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Attitude that comes with the wearing of certain

Hats that are rare.
Hats that are really expensive.
Hats that show authority.
Hats that denote a fraternity or club/group.
That frat boy really has a bad hattitude.
by amnesiavictim April 09, 2009
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the ability to pull off wearing any type of hat without looking ridiculous.
i.e. wearing unusual headgear and making it seem perfectly natural.
shit son, that little white boy tom can really wear a sombrero...he has some serious hattitude.


i have so much hattitude i will rock a beret in the morning, a fez in the afternoon, and helmet all night long and bitches will still be hanging off of me.
by alan rennie May 01, 2008
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the diffrent types of attitude that you get while wearing diffrent types of hats.
oh shit he's got that hat on again he's about to start some shit tonight, that damn hattitude it always gets to him
by kyle mcmathews January 31, 2008
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