purposefully hating on something/someone to generate online advertisement revenue.

Often referencing pop-culture or recent trends/event that will become insignificant in short time.
(1) The video "Dear Fat People" is clearly Hate Bait, as its only purpose it to get attention (views) through the use of hate speech.

(2) Everyone is reacting on TheFineBros for their ReactWorld format. Not because they want to provide a thoughtful discussion on the topic, but because they want to jump on the "hate" bandwagon and get some easy revenue.
by Joji Khan February 12, 2016
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Saying something around someone who has a hair trigger to purposely get them started. Another word for Trolling.
Wait until you see my facebook status it's totally Hate Bait!
by Colene A Lacy November 26, 2010
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When someone posts something online(usually a video or comment), for the sole purpose of getting hate comments/interactions. The same way clickbait is purposely outlandish and misleading so people click on it, hate-bait is usually ridiculous or hateful so people react to it.
Jasper: “Did she really just say that?”
Henry: “Nah, bro that’s just hate-bait, ignore it.”
by DeeDeeDuzIt March 7, 2022
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