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When someone or something creates an awkward situation by saying or doing something socially unacceptable that may end all conversation, draw attention and create awkward silence. Side-effects of a hatchy situation may include nervously tugging on your collar, taking a deep sigh, or slowly shaking your head in embarrassment. When something is hatchy it is acceptable to say "hatchy" in any comical fashion. Hatch is a common alternative to hatchy and can be used in the same way.
Bob: "Bill, dont you freaking hate Mrs. Johnson, that bitch fails me on every paper!"

Bill: "That's my mom you dickhead"

Bob: (tugging on collar) "well this is hatchy..."
by ksmits45 September 08, 2010
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A little man with Green, Purple or any other coloured hair. Smokes and drinks plenty and has scratched balls.

Jeff is his best mate see Jeff for definition on Jeff
"Hatchy got his nuts scratched today"
"Jeff thought it was funny"
by Matthew November 26, 2003
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