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Harvard-Westlake School is "an independent co-educational day school for grades 7-12 in Los Angeles and North Hollywood." Though it is notoriously known as being full of snobby, rich kids who usually buy themselves in, this is a stupid stereotype. though there definitely are some cases of this, especially in some of the younger grades, it really just depends on who you hang out with. As each grade gets successively more challenging everyone who can't keep up either leaves or gets kicked out so in the end, everyone whose there really deserves to be there.
Even though Harvard-Westlake has a very pretty intense work load, it takes good care of it's students and some (not all though...)of the sports teams are pretty good. They also have a good music program and an amazing dance program too.
Omg Jane, I got to bed at like 2 in the morning last night because I go to Harvard Westlake.
by anonymous 18u5765 April 15, 2007
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A well-known independent high school in Studio City, CA. The student body is composed of about 1,500 kids highly invested in their education. Most students participate actively in extracurriculars such as the visual and performing arts, as well as athletic teams. In addition, each year, every student reaches out to the community to help those less fortunate. Harvard-Westlake is a tightly knit social community that has a reputation for a reason - most of its students are kind, dedicated, and worldly people.
Wow, you go to Harvard-Westlake. You must be smart
by theRealHW April 23, 2008
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(Adj.) Used to desribe something that is Harvard- Westlake esque and posh. Normally something like J-brands, Lacoste(something expensive!) And I also want to say that most people think Harvard-Westlake is a place for stuck-up rich white kids who have no idea what th world around them is like. I would like to say that you have no figgin idea what your talking about. You can think what ever the hell you want but seriously maybe you should go to the school before you talk shit about it.
Wow, That shirt was sooo harvard westlake.
by apoob September 14, 2007
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A ritzy school in L.A. where a third of the kids are Asian, 'cause you have to be smart. Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah are school holidays. And the rest are movie stars' kids or their parents own one-third of Sony.

High-pressure place. People cry because they didn't get into AP chemistry.

Has a sushi chef.
Don't go all Harvard Westlake on me. Your exam isn't till next week.
by Grings June 02, 2009
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Hey so I go there and all my friends are like, "dude wtf why r u going to sleep at 10? Don't you have like 3 projects and a bunch of tests tomorrow?" Well, no. Its a pretty manageable work load and people over-exagerrate. Also, no kids commit suicide.....its only been a couple for personal, non-school reasons. There are a lot of asians, but not 1/3 and there are barely any people who get in because of their money. The girls are hot but only the top 20...then they all turn ugly. They aren't sluts. There are some guys who are jocks, but not all. I know I sound like some fag who is overly obsessed with his school but it really pisses me off....
"Dude, I got into Harvard Westlake. Should I go? I'm afraid its gonna make me commit suicide because of the work."

"No, it wont. Calm the fuck down and drop some balls."
by dudeimsomotherfuckinbossasfuck November 09, 2011
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An upscale private school in Studio City, California. The school enrolls grades 7-12. Tuition, which increases by thousands of dollars yearly, was around $23000 for the 2005-06 school year. As one might expect, based on the posh location and high tuition, around 95% of students are rich, white kids from the surrounding areas.

The education is top notch and students matriculate to some of the finest colleges in the country. Yet, this classroom excellence comes at the expense of personal development. On the whole, students are spoiled, arrogant, and snobby. Things are generally done well around HW, such as the newspaper and the drama department, but the sports teams aren’t too great, for the most part. Regardless of the reputation of their activity, participants think that it is awesome. It’s at “H-dub”, after all!1

Attendees and their families think that they are part of the best school in the universe which will ensure their success. Boy, are they wrong. My brother attended the school and never amounted to anything, but he sure thinks he is hot shit.

Students drive expensive European cars that their usually divorced parents buy for them. After all, they are entitled to only the finest. Certainly, HW kids love to make fun of other, less-nice parts of Los Angeles. They tell stories about what they think Mexicans are like, since their friends are overwhelmingly white. Harvard-Westlake is totally sheltered from the poverty which scars Los Angeles.

Harvard recruits a great basketball team each year, and as they take the floor, the largely white crowd cheers on a bunch of black boys given illegal, unethical athletic scholarships to the school. That’s how Harvard does business; win at all costs.

Parties are taken way over the top, in keeping with the rich, wannabe celebrity vibe. Major bank is plunked down for nice venues, and tickets cost a fortune. People gets wasted to the point of vomiting. At formal after-party in 2005, a student had to visit the emergency room for a serious injury she suffered while drunk off her ass.

Harvard Westlake represents everything that is wrong with Los Angeles. It is home to lots of stuck-up people who drive expensive cars to communicate to others how important they are. There is lots of name-dropping about who your entertainment industry daddy worked with on his last project. Keep doing what you’re doing, Harvard-Westlake.
"Gosh, I really liked those Harvard-Westlake kids at first. Then, I spent 20 minutes with them, and I realized how screwed up their priorities are."

"Word to your mother."
by burgerbrain May 28, 2006
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A super expensive private school with two campuses located in Studio City and Bel Air, that is surprisingly not for the rich and famous but for the rich and famous that have brains (although there are some exceptions to this rule).

It is mainly Asian but you don't see them or know about them because they're all in the library competing to see who's smarter.

It pretty much sucks if you don't care about having perfect grades and getting into Ivy League.

People for the most part are pretty nice, although they get shallower with the years. Everybody's pretty open-minded since there are so many races and religions in the student body that they don't discriminate (but they do make a lot of stereotypical jokes).

There are some students, like myself, that have gotten scholarships to HW for being "incredibly smart" even though once you're in there you see you're not so intelligent after all.

People like to exaggerate about how hard it is, but it is only hard if you're taking 6 AP classes out of 8 periods. They should really take it easy and enjoy all the drugs they can buy with all that money and stop calling people fat as an insult.
Me: "Dude, you look horrible. What happened to you?"
Fellow Harvard-Westlake student: "I only got 3 hours of sleep because I have a chemistry test today."
Me: "So you spent all night studying?"
Fellow Harvard-Westlake student: "I need to get a 100% or my grade will drop to an A-!"
Me: "That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day. I'm gonna take a year off at a public school."
by istoleyourgrannypanties August 22, 2008
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