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Hey so I go there and all my friends are like, "dude wtf why r u going to sleep at 10? Don't you have like 3 projects and a bunch of tests tomorrow?" Well, no. Its a pretty manageable work load and people over-exagerrate. Also, no kids commit suicide.....its only been a couple for personal, non-school reasons. There are a lot of asians, but not 1/3 and there are barely any people who get in because of their money. The girls are hot but only the top 20...then they all turn ugly. They aren't sluts. There are some guys who are jocks, but not all. I know I sound like some fag who is overly obsessed with his school but it really pisses me off....
"Dude, I got into Harvard Westlake. Should I go? I'm afraid its gonna make me commit suicide because of the work."

"No, it wont. Calm the fuck down and drop some balls."
by dudeimsomotherfuckinbossasfuck November 09, 2011
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