A more formal name for people called Henry
Although his peers and lady friends know him by the less rigid and more socially acceptable name of Henry, Harold still uses his official name for more formal affairs, such as passports applications and membership to the country club.
by Shartster March 24, 2015
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The person who is thoughtful and the person that cares a lot about others Wonts to help people and has a lighthearted nature
by Someone you may know October 21, 2018
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"Is there an all male, asian orgy going on in that snowglobe. Whoever made that must be a total Harold."
by billwalton4ever December 23, 2008
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Harold. Where to start. Harold's are known to be the epitome of of masculinity. Girls are known to swoon over their insanely good looks topped by their unbeatable wit and rumoured big members. Almost always white, the paleness of their skin resinates to that of snow. Known to be the purest from of white supremacy. If you are a beautiful white girl searching for you almost too perfect match a Harold is juts for you. WARNING. In some very very every very very rare cases, some have found Asian Harolds!!! If this is the case run. The member size earlier praised is the opposite i this case. Asian Harolds often hit puberty very late or never!!! Some girls have found though despite their lack of manhood, they are still the most kind, thoughtful and funniest guys to meet. They seem to carry plenty of followers and fans that admire their confidence and vibe. If found be sure to keep. They are easily loved and will easily love you, more so if you are a decent height, purple haired goth bitty with the name of T. Love you Harold.
Rachel : OMGG look at that cutie.
Girl 2: Gurrl thats Harold.
Rachel : Wait isn't he asian.
Girl 3: Oh you better watch out, he belongs to that purple haired goth

T: This is for Rachel, you big fat white nasty smelling fat bitch.
Why you took me off the motherfucking schedule
with your trifling dirty white racist ass,
you big fat bitch oompa loompa
body ass bitch?
by whoisyourdaddymayIasksir? January 20, 2020
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A puppet found in the guitar room that is very similar to Harold Styles (Harry Styles). Has curly afro hair with a green top and leggings. Has black shoes and scares the hell out of you.
Jane: I just went to the guitar room and saw the craziest thing!

Todd: Oh calm down, it's just Harold!

Jane: Well he's as scary as Harry Styles himself!

Todd: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!
by mexicanhawianyoloswag May 20, 2013
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A harold (HRLD) is a volumetric measure of Birthday cake. . It is equal to 90 cubic inches.
Joanne ordered a quarter "Harold" of cake at the local restaurant. Bob went for the "full Harold" and all were amazed! Matthew was able to eat a half Harold of cake and was satisfied. A 10 Harold cake is a very large cake!
by Gravaman December 5, 2009
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1: a happy face
2: a mouth character created because of a Ronald McDonald mouth in animated form
put on a Harold!

Dad: i created Harold because of a ronald mcdonald mouth hanging on my wall.
by Pokopon Kaitlyn January 6, 2021
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