Harlow is a beautiful and very loving girl. She makes sure you’re always ok and she always makes you feel loved. Harlow gives the most loving hugs. Her smile and her crazy laugh is a treat to see. Harlow should know that she is loved by many people and that she will always be ok.
Harlow is beautiful
by Nokname March 22, 2019
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Though this name is reletivly rare, it has a very beautiful meaning. Harlow is a girlthat has many different, strong emotions. She's unbelieveably happy on the outside, but don't let that distract you from what she is hiding. Harlow's go through a lot of pain during their life, but they don't let anyone see that.

So, if you have a Harlow in your life, remind them every day that you care about them. They are beautiful, talented, elegent, athletic, and overall, a kind hearted person
Person one~ "Wow, who's that?"
Person two~ "Harlow. She's unbelievably happy today..."
Person three~ "Like most days."
by 120orca January 29, 2019
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My girlfriend the love of my life, a happy loving smiling idiot even tho she makes me mad i couldn’t live without her she’s the greatest thing to happen to me and I’d be lost without her she’s my other half
by BIGDICKCODPLAYER October 7, 2020
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A baby girl's name. Usually for kids born after 2010.
Did you see her newborn girl? She names her Harlow. How cute.
by Jane Rigs November 5, 2017
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It means something is good or tasty
Frank badge is so not Harlow
by Markisharlow May 23, 2021
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the best person to ever walk the earth probably a great swimmer and very amazingly perfect she probably has friends named kennedy ava and Maggie she also has one really toxic friend named tessa and Harlow is probably very underrated
person 1: Harlow is totally underrated

person 2: yeah I wish I was as good as a swimmer as her
by definitleynotaharlow May 31, 2020
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When you been seeing a women for years and she just drops you for another man
We have been together for years and you have not been putting out so your harlowed
by Mt12345 May 25, 2019
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