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A hardo is a person who tries extremely hard at everything. Most times a hardo will try very hard at things that do not require excessive effort. For example, sports practices, gym class, etc.
Wow did you see Jack at practice today? What a hardo!
by Thuhkilluh September 04, 2014
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A hardo is someone who tries incredibly hard at everything, is an extreme douche, always wants to fight people to show how tough they are, and is generally hated by everybody. Whenever they speak, all you want to say is, "Shut the fuck up."
Did you see Buckey try and fight Richard in history for no reason? What a hardo.
by ziggity21 May 08, 2016
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Anyone who thinks they're a badass, but is most often a douche. Generally named Craig or Joey.
We were late to the game because Craig is a hardo and took 30 minutes to put in his hair gel.
by randy22 March 29, 2015
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A hardo is a person who tries unnescesarily hard at anything an everything. Most times a hardo is trying hard at something that does not require excessive effort. For example; sports practices, homework, etc.
Guy: "wow did you see jack?"
Other Guy: "I know right? What a hardo!"
by Thuhkilluh September 04, 2014
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(adj). HAR-dO: a hardo is one who thinks they are incredibly hard or overestimates their hardness.
"Oh wow! That guy just called me a queer. What a hardo!"
by Non-hardo May 18, 2009
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One who thinks they are more muscular than they actually are. Their body type is similar to a marshmallow; comes off as a big object but is really the softest object on earth. This type of person walks around with a puffed out chest similar to a wild bird seeking a mate. They're also one that will hold off surgery since sports teams need this "hardo" player so bad, he will hold this surgery off til the off-season. But the problem is, is that there is no off-season for a "hardo". The mating call of the "hardo" becomes deeper depending on its proximity to its opposite sex, despite its natural high pitch.
That kid's going full throttle with the nitrous all the way open...what a hardo.
by Back Door Bangers November 19, 2013
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Typically accompanied by 1 or more to compliment each others work ethic,

Hardos, most commonly among the upper class men, in high school, generally score highly among the ranks of academics, work diligently in sports (even alternative one they may fabricate in order to impress their hardo friends with the amount of activities they participate in (ie. Four Square, Ping Pong, or other clubs) are never satisfied with the effort the produce even when locally viewed as exemplar. Hardos cannot get enough (not to be confused with "Fuckboys"), they are the kind of people who complain about B+'s and A-'s. Especially when individuals they deem as "slackers" or "good-for-nothings" receive either significantly or slightly better grades then them. First they believe they person cheated, then threaten to rat on the person, followed by lack of ambition to proceed with their threats in fear of "getting in trouble". When faced with students endowed with better grades, most hardos disregard them and avoid them in fear of inferiority, however some audacious hardos attempt to "call them out" by claiming although (example) their SAT scores are much higher than theirs, everything else they do is resembles that of the indolent.

Many hardos enjoy pastimes intended to mimic those of the intellectual status, yet utterly fail to "stay on par"
Hardo 1: "Hey what did you get on the AP Lit assignment?" (smiling non nonchalantly)

Random kid 1: "Ummm, 98, what about you"

Hardo 1 transforming his gaze into repulsion: "What, you didn't even read the book, WHAT THE FUCK, DID you CHEAT!???. Your not getting away with this. Ughhh" (Struts away as a pleased horse would)

Random kid 2: "Don't worry man, Ayden is a total hardo, he won't do shit"

Random kid 1: "Yea I knew as soon as he opened his hardo mouth"
by MuffinSlayer1345 January 06, 2016
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