-absolutely not
-fuck no, fuck that
-you're irrelevant, you just suck
-Gross, ugly, awful, terrible
"Emily the morning after a night out is a hard no."
"That guy over there is a hard no."
"The way Kaela dances is a hard no."
"Pouring an entire bottle of Zelko vodka on someone's head is a hard no."
"That outfit looks like shit- it's a hard no."
by Darealxtina July 12, 2014
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cool, really outstanding, look nice.
Them shoes go hard. Your hair go hard.
by Cam April 8, 2003
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"Last party we went to had a bunch of bitch-beers and no hard A."
by shackledxdollie November 21, 2004
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He hasn’t been the same after he started smoking hard.
by dadondadda December 23, 2018
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Anything meaning good, like tight, cool, ill, etc.
"Yo that song is hard."
by Kerrry November 1, 2007
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