To give it to someone straight no matter the consequences.
Tom: "What do you think of this food"
Jim: "Do you want the hard dick?"
Tom: "yes I spent a while cooking it I want the truth!"
Jim: "it's fucking horrible."
by Bighate March 3, 2015
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a) A misspelling for hard disk. Usually ends up extremely funny to whoever is reading it because of the second definition...
b) A erection.
a) (as you might see on a tech support forum somewhere) my hard dick wont boot up?!?!?!? what's wrong!?#@?? help!!!!
b) Viagra will give you a hard dick...
by very amused... August 13, 2007
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Middle aged to older man, usually divorced multiple times, frequents bars that cater to a much younger, hipper crowd. Will be found leaning against the prime drink ordering spot at the bar. This is to insinuate himself into conversations between younger, clearly out of his league, women, with what he thinks is witty banter. This Hard Dick will be shot down repeatedly, even by very intoxicated women.

Typical attire will include: Member’s Only jacket, polo shirt, poly blend slacks, and boat shoes.
Accoutrements: Wall Street Journal, Blackberry, Corvette key fob with a Honda car key, watch that appears to be a Rolex but will either be a knock off or the least expensive model made.

Irritates all bartenders with his overly familiar comments, and does not tip well. Male equivalent to the Female “Bar Fly.” Must be swept out with the trash.

If you are approached by the Hard Dick, a stern “NO!” accompanied by a sharp snap of the fingers will stun him long enough to make an escape. Do not accept his offer of a cocktail, as this only encourages further conversation and bad behavior.

I don’t care how thirsty you are Trix! If you take that beer, that Hard Dick will follow us around all night. He’s a total cock block.”
by Dirty Lulu November 29, 2007
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Something thats better than awesome, badass, or cool.
"Did you see that girl puke under the bar and keep on drinking?"
"Yeah, she's super hard dick"
by Key Vaughn November 26, 2011
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to shamelessly hit on a girl with little or no style.
"see that guy over there by that girl, poor guy doesn't stand a chance. He's been hard dicking all night.
by Matt Mazany December 9, 2003
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i ) A half erect penis.

ii) Something that is useless

iii) Something that appears to be on its way to being useful, but isn't

iv) Something that possesses all the drawbacks, and none of the advantages of a given phenomenon
Steve : Did you get a raise at work ?

Dave : Yes, but only $2,000

Steve : That's like $50 a paycheck after taxes

Dave : It's about as useful as a half hard dick.
by The Rockit February 10, 2010
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When a man is quick to have sex with you, but emotionally or financially unable to carry on a relationship or be your {baby daddy}, he is offering you "nothing but hard dick and bubblegum"
Stuart, I want the better things in life, all you can offer me is hard dick and bubblegum.
Stay away from Vito, he's all hard dick and bubblegum.
by Salanne March 14, 2006
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