After experiencing a wonderful orgasm during romantic sexual intercourse, at least one of the participants playfully bounds and dances around the room, smiling ear to ear with the happiest face you’ve ever seen.
There is nothing quite so beautiful and rewarding as watching her happy dance go on and on after she experienced such a satisfying orgasm.
by RayRayBeLove 2018 February 24, 2019
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Moving in such a manor in front of the refrigerator as though the contents bring you an energy or show your erection so that you express your great enthusiasm with such a happy dance.

Mannie performed his happy dance when he spotted the leftover Big Mac in the fridge:
by Eelizabeth Paige August 11, 2008
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a dance performed by an animal called the lachlan cameron, a subspecies of asparagus. it involves swinging his girly arms around while kind of jumping on the spot.
possibly a dance to show his hapiness, or a mating ritual, the lachlan often performs this dance to men and young boys
two boys nick and angus, reported to police yesterday that a creature had attacked them by using its swinging arms and a thrusting hip movement. the boys are now in a critical condition. the creature has been descibed as having girly arms and was happily dancing away
by jason hua February 8, 2005
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When a naked male turns his hips left and right and his penis slaps against his leg making a clapping sound.
Guy 1: Damn yo, my girl was cheating on me but I just did a happy dance and got over it

Guy 2: yeah I bet the guy she was cheating on you with can't even happy dance
Guy 1: AHAHAHA lil dick bitch😂
by LilFarquaad November 20, 2016
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the mating call of the sexually undefined lachlan cameron for his also sexually undefined matting partner angus oke.
holy shit its angus, lachlan must be doing the happy dance
by bigyun February 8, 2005
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Normal sex when Male is on top of a Female *dancing* the night away. It is usually in the bed but as long as the girl or the guy is laying on top and both are lying down, it can be called "Horizontal Happy Dance"
Got it from a Legend of Zelda parody on Youtube.

Link:hey do you want to do the horizontal happy dance with me?
Random Hotel Girl:Sure! I love to dance!
Link: Ok, your really gonna love it!
Random Hotel Gilr: wait.....
by Fightingdreamer77 April 8, 2011
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