To be the sexiest motherfucker alive, above the age of 40. You must smoke, occasionaly, and generally drive the ladies wild. You laugh like a badger, but it only drives the ladies wild. You might be a gray panthers, but you're still hot. And you make the elevator truly uncomfortable.
AKA "Handsome Hantz."
"Man, that was a wild time with Hantz last night."
by MBeezy April 1, 2006
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A man on Survivor:Samoa who looks like a leprechaun and cons everyone. Uses Shambo (another Survivor contestant) and almost won the show.

To trick someone.
1. Wow, Russell Hanta shoulda won Survivor
2. Man, that con artist on the street totally pulled a Russell Hantz! He took my money!
by Dobby Girl December 22, 2009
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a truck driver who generaly sleeps way too late
Late again? that's definetly a Hantze
by hehernpls November 23, 2021
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