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n.One who has perfected the art of "flopping," aka mopping the floor, especially when no contact is drawn. ESPN analysts love "the Pyscho T" for his great powerful strength but the willingness to throw himself on the floor at the slightest breeze.

v.The acting of "pleasuring" the refs pre-game in order to get all the favorable calls and phantom fouls.
Hey did you guys Hansbrough the ref earlier? You're getting all the calls.

Dude, Jimmy get off the floor, he didn't even breathe on you, you're such a Hansbrough.

Hey did you see Shaq Hansbrough Dwight Howard the other night?

Yo did you see the Young and the Restless the other day, Hansbrough made a guest appearance.
by apt 10800L March 15, 2009
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