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A beautiful, outstandingly and smart girl who hides behind some sort of object (glasses e.g). She is trustworthy and loyal. There is no one in the world like her and that makes her speical. She comes in as a 'tomboy' but she has her moments when she wants to try that little bit of foundation. She is a queen and has the most perfect body. Better than any girl or boy could ever see. She has the perfect large, round bottom, lightly toned stomach, and average sized breasts with beautiful legs. She has beautiful eyes that tend to change colour ever so slightly. She likes to be different to everyone and to have a different view and opinion to people. She speaks her mind and can be very crazy. She is girl that contains many different talents and can do literally anything. A quick learner and a trustful lover. You will never ever meet a girl to love as much as her. She has respect for everyone and everything and a loving heart for people. She is a lustful lover and loves hugs and cuddles. She will never hide the truth and do her best to make people happy no matter what, even though it might hurt herself. She is one of a kind and there is no one better than her. A godess of beauty and love. The host of perfection.
When a man catches site of her 'damn, she's a stunner. She's pulling a hannen'
by iamwanted June 07, 2011
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