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A beautiful girl. Gorgeous on the inside and out. She has many hobbies she can be an athlete a muscician and an artist all at the same time. She has a very short attention span and is easily entertained. She can be hyper when everyone is calm but calm when everyone is hyper. She sticks up for herself and her friends and she is quick to put you in your place as in she will not let you downgrade her. She does her own thing and doesnt follow the beaten path. Has a very good taste in music and clothes. Once you have a Hanlin do not let her go. She is adored by all and hated by none she has normally 5 very close friends. She is not quick to trust so once you have her trust try very hard to keep it. Truely an amazing person. She is coveted by many and is an amazing kisser she is hot but modest and pleasent to be around many guys stare as she walks by wishing they could have her.
"Damn! Did you see hanlin walk past? Shes gorgeous! "
"Yep and shes all mine!"
"No shes mine"
Hanlin: "boys boys please I already have a boyfriend!"
Hanlin: *walks away*
All boys:*sigh*
by H.M.P.B March 16, 2013
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