The word that Punjabi people use when they answer the phone
Other: Hello
Punjabian: Hanji
by BiGdIcKbAsTaRd December 03, 2006
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A kind of Titan freak.She is very smart and likes to explore new things .Hanji is a really lovely person and always cares about you .
idk a explanation.HANJI IS JUST MWAH
by May 20, 2021
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Han Jisung from Stray Kids. A literal beauty. He can light up your world in mere seconds of seeing him, his sweet voice, charming sense of humour, and literally everything else is the definition of perfection.

His high notes, low voice, and amazing raps will make you melt. His sweet cheeks will remind you of a squirrel. I mean, he is quokka after all!
Stay 1: “omg, is that Hanji?!”

Person: “hanji? Who’s hanji?”

Stay 1: “Han Jisung from Stray Kids!”
Person: “Stray Kids?”
Stay 1: “oml wait, lemme shwo you some of their mvs
Person: “oh my lord, they are so good! I love this one.” *points at hanji.*
Stay 1: “that’s jisung!”
Person: “ykw, i’m a stay now.”
Stay 1: “great! Who’se your bias?”

Stay 2: “hanji!!”
by yeonnieeee August 04, 2021
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14th commander of the Survey Corps, scientist, soldier, sometimes a little bit crazy but still the best AOT character.
Hey Hanji Zoe, can you tell me more about your experiments ?
by valp April 27, 2021
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She does it for shes, gays, and theys. Deserves the world. Ray of sunshine. Woman with a deep voice. What more can I say.
I want a Hanji Zoe in my life.

Lower your standards.
by yuxmiii January 15, 2021
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