The act of laying face-down on a string hammock and putting your member through one of the holes and having a girl suck on your member.
Dude, last night my girl gave me a hang glider on my hammock. It was AMAZING.
by T-Niges June 05, 2011
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when you fucking a chick and she reaches up and grabs her ankles with her legs strait
billy really turned that bitch into a hang glider her foot prints are on the ceiling
by kck February 17, 2006
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A sexual position that is essentially vertical sixty nining. However instead of the typical more practical positioning of a male standing and an upside down female. The woman has the difficult task of standing and carrying all the weight. The result is an upside down off balance male who ultimately bears a striking resemblance to a Hang Glider crashed and hanging from a tree.
Suzie, if you're up to it and you think you have the core strength to lift my frame. I would like to attempt a broken hang glider.
by DrewWoodside March 11, 2010
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When a woman has a hairy vagina that has been abused so many times as a hang glider in emergency situations
This bitch has a hairy hang glider
by kingboy3 March 05, 2015
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When a guy from Brazil tricks a tourist into having anal sex with him. The Brazilian man proceeds to lift the girl off the ground and ejaculate in the tourists ass trying to get her/him to shoot off his cock like a hang glider.
Whitney told me she wanted to go to Brazil with us so she could experience a Brazilian Hang Glider.
by Toddy Blumpkin August 21, 2008
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An inverted titty-fuck while deficating on the persons face
If I buy this fat girl enough drinks, maybe she'll come back to my place and I can give her a Sioux Falls Hang Glider.
by Fred Etish October 06, 2006
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