When a guy gets dome while doing a handstand.
Holy Shit! That girl's blowing a guy that's doing a handstand... He's a fuckin' Handstand Honcho!
by Seamus O'Reid March 1, 2008
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A traditional Polish Dance in which a male/female shifts into a pose which they are standing up heads down feet up and they fart extremely loudly, entertaining to some audiences
Polish Guy: Do the stand!
Polish Guy #2: *handstands and farts* (Polish Handstand)
Polish Audience: *laugh hysterically*
by P4perboy July 7, 2019
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When you go to a buffet with a friend who is willing to help you make room for some more food, possibly round 3 at the buffet and beyond. Basically, what one friend does is a handstand on a table. The other friend then opens their mouth while sitting, then, the hand standing friend slams their cock down the seated friends throat. As a result, more space is created so that the next round of buffet can be vanquished.
Nagoya= A Japanese city, which roughly translates to American as "Huge ass buffet"
Dave: Hey buddy. I'm really hungry for the desert phase of my buffet, but I've wasted all of the room in my stomach on the Japanese and Chinese phases.

Goose: That's cool dude. Let me get up on the table and help you out with that. I have been practicing the Nagoya handstand for months!
by Slooter Goose November 10, 2009
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Inhale marijuana , hold it, do a handstand, exhale after 5 seconds. Some people are unable to perform a handstand without the help of a wall or a friend. Happy handstands can be done with alcohol or drugs. For maximum highness inhale the cannabis while doing the handstand.
Duuude!, I just did a Happy Handstand. I'm so blown!! You have to try it!
by TheRealByronic August 4, 2010
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A fake sex position that you tell your buddies you did with a chick so they think you're the man.
Tom: "Hey dude I would totally give that chick the texas-handstand!"
by Brandaminator October 5, 2006
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Sex act when a man shaves his pubs into a hilter mustache type line to his naval, then does a handstand. This is followed by a woman yelling HEIL HILTER DICK and giving a blowjob until the man releases his prisoners of war
I looked everywhere, but i had to go to a KKK meeting to find a bitch that was down for a hitler handstand.
by Colonel Liingus October 2, 2011
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a handjob that is perfromed while in a handstand..either by someone else or a solo act.
While perfroming a handstand during a break dance competition at a crazy Irish dunk fest. Little Johnny Firebush got a handstand job from a fellow country man.
by holla187 January 21, 2011
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