When a guy is in public with a girl he likes, and will not leave her side because he fears she will talk to other men. Usually the girl is too attractive for him, and does not reciprocate his romantic feelings, but is leading him on for a while, probably for free drinks/purses. He is definitely only a friend, but she probably has no other prospects at the time, or has just gotten out of a bad relationship and is entertaining the idea of letting this guy date her.

How to tell if a guy is hand-cuffing

1.) The girl he is with is much too attractive for him
2.) He has a worried look on his face and keeps scanning the bar/club/mall for potential threats.
3.) They never touch or kiss, he just kind of looms in her personal bubble, hoping for more attention.

If you see a guy hand-cuffing, go talk to his girl. He won't say anything; he will just stand there quietly with a slightly sour expression on his face until you are done.
Jim: Wow, did you see that girl walk in? She's gorgeous... I think I'm gonna go talk to her.

Joe: Nah bro, she's with her boyfriend. Don't you see that guy hanging all over her?

Jim: Man, he's just hand-cuffing... See how scared he looks? He has a fauxhawk, and she probably dressed him. She needs some testosterone in her life, I'm going in.
by aspartame July 20, 2009
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When you hand cuff your girl to the bed then cum on her face
by ScottyDontKnow October 31, 2011
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A case where the person has his/her hand always in a cuffed position, ready to give his/her supervisor a quick hand-job, or phalangel gratification. A Kiss ass in so many words.

Usually can be found on misshapen chinese men.
Because of Johnny's Cuffed Hand Syndrome, he is always getting special favors.
by Xio Ming February 27, 2008
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