A hand release is a sexual technique usually done by a masseuse or masseur on a person by stimulating their erect penis to produce an orgasm and ejaculation. A hand release can also be done on a woman by stimulating her clitoris to produce an orgasm.

A hand release after a massage is called a “happy ending”. A release before a massage is called a “happy beginning”.

There are different types of hand releases. The most common is the “hand job” – stroking of the penis to produce orgasm. A “French” release is a blow job. A “Swedish” or “Russian” is a release done between a woman’s large breasts.

Hand releases on males are usually done after the massage – the therapist uses a lubricating solution to stimulate the erect sexual organ. Massage oil or cream is usually used, but other sexual water based lubricants, such as Astroglide or KY Jelly can be used.

Institutions that are involved with massage education and licensing are very much against hand release during a massage session because in many places it is illegal and can be termed as a form of prostitution. However, it is very hard to arrest a masseuse or masseur for giving a hand release; and although the act of hand release is considered illegal it is rarely if never found out by the legal or licensing authorities.

Licensed massage therapists usually don’t do hand releases because of legal or ethical reasons, but there are many professional who don’t see anything wrong with them and will gladly do them once they get to know you better or for an extra fee. Massage therapists have to be very careful when they offer a hand release out of fear of being caught and arrested by an undercover police officer. This is rare though.
"Do you want a hand release?", the buxom Russian massage therapist named Olga asked me.
by Melinda Goldberg October 11, 2004
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A legal hand job performed by a massousse.
If you go to a massousse and she asks you if you would like hand release, say yes and enjoy.
by SeanH October 7, 2004
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When a man is jerked off by either his self or someone else. Also known as HR for short.
Man if she doesn't want to give you a BJ just get her to give you a soothing HR (Hand Release).
by Mark E. July 19, 2006
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