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Hamida - Arabic word meaning God praised, thankful.

Hamida is a arabic name.
Oh Hamida I pray to God you are blessed with happiness.
Hamida you have much to be thankful for!
by maybellee February 13, 2010
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A really pretty/ attractive girl. Lots of boys like her but are just afraid to ask her out because they think there not good enough for her. She might cheat on you so be careful. She isn't afraid of anyone and can be really mean and sassy sometimes. If she loves you, your very lucky! She loves to spend a lot of money and obsesses over something then forgets about it after 2 days (which is pretty stupid). She is really nice and sweet and has a really big heart.
I wish I was hamida. Hamida shines just like a star.
by I'm coollllll December 21, 2014
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Dumb fucker who is extremely gay and is a lezbian who snitches over the slightest things
She is a Hamida
by Hhtdnfwngsng July 04, 2018
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