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Hameem is a guy who has suffered a lot in his life and is told he is lucky by his parents, but in his point of view he isn’t. All he wants in life is for life to be as close to perfection, but that can’t happen. Hameem will never be able to get a girl because of the amount of times he has screwed up, but he’ll never give up in life because if he does, he knows he won’t be able to make his parents proud. Hameem just wishes for life to be better, and he thinks he’s trying but he’s not trying hard enough, he’s not using his true potential. The reason why this has been said is because I’m saying it. Life is short, so I might as well just be me and live my life, not actually go for a girl anymore. Live, do what I can in this world, die. That’s the plan.
Hameem will never get what he wants. I will never get what I want.
by TheUnluckyOne39 December 06, 2018
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Hameem is a beautiful boy who loves to be in a relationship but he keeps getting heartbroken by some girl out there and he just moved on with life and then the same happens but he causes a lot of trouble and he will be clever enough not to take the wrong path he will meet a lot of famous people and he will know that there os the one out there for him
Hameems life will be hard for him
He will be sucessful in the future and will be a good and loyal friend to everyone unless they do him wrong
Hameem-kind and lovely boy who wants to be in a relationship
by 0121_67 February 09, 2017
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Bruh when im super sad nothing else can get me more sad. All i wanna do is just sit somewhere nice and watch everyone else cry and be happy
Oh look thats a hameem
by alexBigGay September 02, 2019
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Hameem is a hoopty with a ballsack a truck that runs on cardboard and gets told to stand still while taking a beating he also tried to fuck his cousin and ditches his friends at school for a girl
Hameem go get cardboard for the truck said by: Ballsack
by Hameem hoopty July 14, 2019
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Hameem is a hoopty that has a ballsack that beats him he also has a truck that runs on cardboard he fucks his cousin and he’s a khan
Yo khan stand still said by:ballsack (Oh wow what a hameem)
by Hameem hoopty July 14, 2019
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