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Hemwatr is a sweet girl who had watched her best friend die so what did she do after? She read a book and went to bed but once she woke up she cried blood and decided to stop crying blood she did the Harlem shake which helped her through her Dougie phase and she began to live a normal life
Hemwatr she a psychopath lowkey and her gammer top teir
by normalize doing things July 16, 2021
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she kinda mean to ppls :( and she hits ppls :((((((((

and she got a heart of gold? she still hits ppls tho

she also stole the whole skool supplies of choco milk for herself (she lucky she don't got lack toes and taller aunts)

i saw her on the bus and i felt kool too ;) anyways she got skool tmrw
by normalize doing things July 15, 2021
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